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TIMS User's Guides

Applicant User Guide is for:

  • An individual seeking Pennsylvania certification as a teacher, administrator or educational specialist (credential for an individual who renders professional services other than classroom teaching, i.e., School Counselor, etc.)
  • An educator who already holds a Pennsylvania educator certificate
  • A Charter School teacher seeking a Charter School Teacher Designation
  • An individual applying for a Certificate of Preliminary Education (Funeral Director, nursing)
  • An individual applying for a public librarian certificate 

 Applicant User's Guide

Getting Started with TIMS (PDF)  This document will help you access TIMS for the first time, introduce you to your TIMS profile and PPID, offer tips for updating your profile and provide resources for assistance.


PK-12 Educational Entities User Guide is for:

  • School Districts, IUs, Career and Technology Centers, Approved Private Schools, and other PK-12 educational entities eligible for Emergency Permits in Pennsylvania
  • Those listed above and Charter Schools or Private Schools verifying educator experience in Pennsylvania schools

 PK-12 Educational Entities User's Guide

Approved Educator Preparation User Guide is for:

  • Colleges, Universities and Intermediate Units currently approved to offer programs leading to certification in Pennsylvania

 Approved Educator Preparation User's Guide