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Voluntary Recovery Program
Voluntary Recovery Program (VRP)
General Information
PHMP was created as a result of amendments to 11 of the professional practice and title acts in 1986 that included provisions for addressing the issue of the impaired professional. 
The PHMP administers the Voluntary Recovery Program (VRP) in order to fulfill the requirements of all professional practice acts containing sections addressing the management of impaired professionals. 
The VRP provides a method by which professionals suffering from a physical or mental impairment, such as chemical dependency, can be directed to appropriate treatment and receive monitoring to ensure that they remain capable of practicing safely. 
To be eligible for VRP enrollment, a licensee must agree to enter into a consent agreement with the licensing board for a period of no less than three years.  The consent agreement stipulates that disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation, will be deferred so long as the licensee adheres to the terms and conditions of the agreement and maintains satisfactory progress in the program. 
When a licensee successfully fulfills the terms of the consent agreement and completes the VRP, no disclosure, publication or public record is made of the participant’s involvement in the VRP or the events precipitating their enrollment.
If you are a licensed health care professional who wishes to be considered for VRP enrollment, or suspect a licensee is impaired, please contact the VRP for further assistance at (800) 554-3428 or (717) 783-4857.

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