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Education Providers

Notary Education Providers

Pennsylvania notaries are required to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the office.  The following is a complete listing of organizations which offer mandatory basic notary public education courses approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  Education providers are listed in the order that their basic education programs were approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Many notary education providers offer additional services to notaries, such as bonds, errors and omissions insurance, and notary equipment (including seals and journals).  The Department of State does not regulate these services. 

  1. Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN)
    One Gateway Center, Suite 401
    420 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1498
    Fax 1-800-707-7075
    E-Mail: pan@notary.org
    Website: www.notary.org
    *Interactive Online Course

  2. National Notary Association (NNA)
    9350 De Soto Avenue
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    E-Mail: services@nationalnotary.org
    Website: www.nationalnotary.org
    *Interactive Online Course

  3. Notaries Equipment Company
    2021 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103-1491
    (215) 563-8190
    Fax (215) 977-9386
    E-Mail: info@mburrkeim.com
    Website: www.notariesequipment.com
    *Interactive Online Course

  4. Notary Law Institute 
    P.O. Box 1932 
    Orem, UT  84059
    Fax (801) 296-6154
    E-mail: help@notarylaw.com
    Website:  www.notarylaw.com
    *Interactive Online Course

  5. Pennsylvania Automotive Association (PAA)
    1925 North Front Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17102
    (717) 255-8311 or 1-800-242-3745
    E-mail: amitchell@paa.org
    Website: www.paa.org
    *Interactive Online Course

  6. American Society of Notaries
    P.O. Box 5707
    Tallahassee, FL 32314-5707
    (850) 671-5164
    Fax (850) 671-5165
    Website: www.notaryeducation.com
    *Interactive Online Course

  7. Huckleberry Notary Bonding Inc.
    P.O. Box 940489
    Maitland, FL  32794-0489
    Fax 1-800-224-6368
    E-Mail: info@notaries.com
    Website: www.notaries.com

  8. Montgomery County Community College
    340 DeKalb Pike
    Blue Bell, PA  19422
    (215) 641-6300
    Website: www.mc3.edu

  9. BondAbility
    106 Whispering Pines
    Birdsboro, PA  19508
    Fax (815) 550-2439
    E-Mail: customerservice@bondability.com
    Website: www.1stepnotary.com 
    *Interactive Online Course

  10. Notary Association of Pennsylvania, Co.
    6059 Allentown Boulevard, #903
    Harrisburg, PA  17112
    Fax 1-800-637-5992
    E-Mail: info@notarybonding.com  
    Website: www.notarybonding.com
    *Interactive Online Course

  11. Notary of America
    5125 Adanson Street
    Suite 500
    Orlando, FL  32804
    Fax 1-800-586-3784
    E-Mail: info@notaryofamerica.com
    Website: www.notaryofamerica.com 
    *Interactive Online Course

  12. PA Notary Academy
    104 Brinton Street
    Monroeville, PA  15146
    (412) 607-0219
    Fax (412) 829-7809
    E-Mail: Admin@panotaryacademy.com    
    Website: www.panotaryacademy.com  
    *Interactive Online Course

  13. Notary.net
    311 Starling Lane
    Franklin, TN  37064
    Fax (615) 790-7912
    E-Mail: sales@notary.net
    Website: www.notary.net
    *Interactive Online Course

  14. Online Notary Institute
    P.O. Box 5338
    Huntington Beach, CA  92615
    Website: www.onlinenotaryinstitute.com
    *Interactive Online Course

  15. Bucks County Community College
    Office of Continuing Education
    275 Swamp Rd
    Newtown, PA 18940
    Fax 215-258-7796
    E-Mail: Maryann.Brennan@bucks.edu   
    Website: http://www.bucks.edu/

  16. Multi Media Solutions
    P.O. Box 4011
    Rydal, PA 19046
    E-Mail: hello@thepanotary.com
    Website: www.thepanotary.com
    *Interactive Online Course

In order to ensure that notaries public conduct themselves in a professional manner, the Department of State encourages the attendance of notary public courses beyond the required mandatory education. These courses will assist the notary public in maintaining a high level of excellence and professionalism in serving their customers as a commissioned public official.

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