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Public Schools
The Department of Education does not hire employees for the 501 School Districts, the Career and Technical Centers (CTCs), the 29 Intermediate Units (IUs), or Charter Schools located in Pennsylvania.
Individuals who have an interest in working at a school district, CTC, IU or charter school should contact the specific education agencies for employment information.
The Department web site contains a list of school district, CTC, and IU names and addresses for your use. Our website also contains a list of Charter Schools' names and addresses.  A printed directory of school contacts is also available from a private source, Applied Arts Publishers, Box 479, Lebanon, PA 17042-0479, Voice phone 717.272.9442. The cost is $18.50. Or, you may click on the link below for additional information.

There is a partial listing of job vacancies in Pennsylvania public schools on the Department’s Web site under the
 heading. Since districts do not have to post vacancies on the Department's web site, the vacancies posted are not a complete listing of all vacancies in the public schools, but the listing may be useful in looking for a position.