Directions & Parking

The Department of Banking and Securities main office is located in Market Square Plaza at 17 North Second Street in Harrisburg.  Our offices are located on the 11th and 13th floors of the building.  Parking is available in the Walnut Street Parking Garage during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

Parking Information

To access the Walnut Street Parking Garage, turn right from Second Street onto Market Street (between the bus station and the Hilton Hotel).  Get into the left lane and turn left onto Court Street (alley) directly behind the Hilton.  Go straight through the stop sign and turn left into the garage.  Be sure to take a ticket at the top of the ramp. 
You may park in any available space on any odd level of the Walnut Street Parking Garage.  DO NOT enter the “Monthly Card Holders Only” gate to the left upon entering the Walnut Street Parking Garage.  
To get to our offices from the parking garage while remaining inside:
Take the parking garage elevator to Level A (Strawberry Arcade).  When you exit the elevator, go up the stairs (straight) to the Strawberry Arcade entry into Strawberry Square (Starbucks will be directly ahead).  Make a right at Starbucks and go through the sliding glass door entry into the Hilton.  Proceed to the end of the hallway.  At the “Information Business Center” sign make a right into a Hilton hallway.  Make an immediate left and enter a hallway.  Follow the hallway around to a small alcove on the right with elevators (there are meeting rooms on your left).  Take the elevator to the Ground level.  At the Ground level get off the elevator and see the security guard at the station in the lobby of the building.  He will give you access to the 11th or 13th floor.

Alternatively, take the parking garage elevator to the street level and exit past “Open Stage.”  You will now be in the same alley behind the Hilton and under the parking garage from which you accessed the ramp to the garage.  Turn left as you exit, then turn right at your first opportunity.  This will bring you out onto Second Street between the Hilton and our building.  The entrance to our building is on the right.

Short Term Visits
The Department of Banking will validate visitors parking tickets in the 11th and 13th floor reception areas.  This allows for up to two hours complimentary parking.  The Walnut Street Parking Garage will charge standard market parking rates for any time over the initial two hours.  
Please note: the Walnut Street Parking Garage will not honor any non-validated tickets for visitors, no matter what the circumstances and any non-validated tickets will be charged for the full amount of time spent in the garage.
Extended Visits
If you will be visiting the Department of Banking for an extended period of time, you may want to inquire about obtaining access cards for the parking garage and our offices.  Both access cards may be picked up at the Department of Banking one business day prior to the day of need.  Access cards may also be mailed to visitors not more than 5 business days prior to the day of need.  To obtain an access card, please visit the Department of Banking, 17 North Second Street, 13th Floor, Harrisburg, PA, or call Yvette Davenport at 717-346-9346 or Amy Fritz at 717-346-9344.  Access cards must be returned to the Department of Banking within 5 business days of departure.
Use the garage access card to enter the Walnut Street Parking Garage.  Proceed directly to the Market Square Plaza Parking Garage entry point on Level 9 and use the access card at the gate.  (DO NOT enter the "Monthly Card Holders Only" gate to the left upon entering the Walnut Street Parking Garage).  
Please note that you must use the garage access card at all entry points - EVEN IF THE GATE IS RAISED.
The building access card should be used to enter the elevator lobby in the center of the garage (the freight elevator should NOT be used by visitors).  You will use the card again inside the elevator to reach the 11th or 13th floor.  You must sign in at the receptionist’s desk as soon as you arrive.  If the receptionist is unavailable, visitors should use the phone and directory provided to contact their party.