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2014 Theme:

The 150th anniversary of the American Civil War presents Pennsylvania with an extraordinary opportunity to engage people of all ages in an encompassing educational experience, a journey through which they can discover the war's relevance and importance to today's and tomorrow's world. One overarching and enduring theme provides the framework for the commemoration: The Civil War fundamentally changed the United States, redefining our ongoing struggle for equality and justice and our identity as a nation. The war radically altered assumptions and aspirations in ways that continue to affect us today. The legacy of the Civil War is not over; its impact continues.

Theme website: Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Previous Themes:

2007 Uncovering Links to Our Past: Archaeology in Pennsylvania

2008 The New Deal in Pennsylvania: Celebrating 75 Years

2009 Energy: Innovation and Impact

2010 Black History in Pennsylvania: Communities in Common

2011 William Penn's Legacy: Religious and Spiritual Diversity

2012 The Land of Penn and Plenty: Bringing History to the Table

2013 Pennsylvania and the American Civil War (also Historical Commission Anniversary)

2014 Pennsylvania and the American Civil War

2015 Mid-Century Modernism in Pennsylvania

2016 Civil Rights

2017 Music

2018 Immigration

[Themes are subject to change]

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