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About Us

The Office of Comptroller Operations is a shared services organization within the Pennsylvania Office of the Budget that provides accounting, auditing, payroll, accounts payable, financial management, financial reporting, travel, quality assurance, and process improvement services to agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction and select independent agencies, boards and commissions.  We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers and business partners and deliver results that reflect a commitment to efficiency, innovation and cost effectiveness.

Our Mission

         To provide world class financial services to commonwealth agencies and business partners

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader among service providing organizations   

Our Goals

To demonstrate fiscal stewardship through careful oversight of dollars flowing into and out of commonwealth funds

To create a desired work environment focused on people, processes and results

To provide the right services within established and expected parameters

To increase service levels and customer satisfaction through customer engagement

Our Values 

Service:  We emphasize service to our customers and business partners as one of our highest priorities.

Integrity:  We demonstrate ethical principles in all aspects of our work.

Accountability:  We acknowledge and accept responsibility for completing our duties, enforcing internal, statewide, and federal policies and procedures, and applying professional standards established by governing bodies.

Education:  We teach our staff through training and mentoring to be knowledgeable in all aspects of their jobs.

Professionalism:  We respect our customers and business partners through our actions, communications and appearances.

Adaptability:  We respond to changing economic conditions and evolving accounting, payroll, auditing and reporting standards.

Communication:  We promote collaboration, openness and innovation at all levels of our organization in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve services.