Report Elder Abuse

Elder abuse and crimes targeting older people come in many forms including neglect, physical, financial and sexual abuse. Any person who believes that an older adult is being abused, neglected, exploited or abandoned may call the statewide elder abuse hotline 1 (800) 490-8505, which will direct them to their local Area Agency on Aging. The hotline is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Abuse reports can be made on behalf of an older adult whether the person lives in their home or in a care facility such as a nursing facility, personal care home, hospital, etc. The reporters may remain anonymous and have legal protection from retaliation, discrimination and civil or criminal prosecution.

It is important to be aware that elder abuse can occur at anytime to anyone. Some common signs and/or symptoms of abuse may include:

  • Bruises or broken bones
  • Weight loss 
  • Confusion blamed on “old age” when the real cause may be malnutrition, medications or an acute illness 
  • The older person never goes outside or sees visitors 
  • Withdrawing large sums of money from a savings account without apparent reason 
  • Signing over his or her home to a relative

The Department of Aging’s Consumer Protection Division is responsible for services that protect older Pennsylvanians against fraud, abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment through the Older Adults Protective Services Act (OAPSA), and for managing the Criminal History Record Check process.

The Office of the Attorney General is authorized to take formal legal action against persons and organizations who engage in unfair and deceptive conduct in the advertisement or sale of goods or services within the Commonwealth.


60 years of age or over.

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