Access Archives Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 1 

In this Issue:

  • Walter Lyon Honored
  • Family Heritage Day
  • Black History Conference
  • Harman Husband's Walking Map
  • PHMC Scholars In Residence
  • Selected Addtions to Archives
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Government Service News
  • Grants Information

Access Archives Newsletter coverArchivist Jim Arnold retires after 35 years with the Pennsylvania State Archives.  Jim began his employment in 1971 at 21 years of age as a Clerk 1 and was exctied to be making all of $4,100 a year.  He spent his time paging records, organizing the storage system and making boxes and folders.

Learn more about Jim Arnold and other exciting topics in Volume 2, Issue 1 of Access Archives (PDF, 850K).

Larger Images:

r026#016-Box02-Husband Map Endorsement (PDF)

r026#016-Box02-Husband Map (PDF)

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