Administrative Circulars

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2015 Circulars

  • Open 15-10.pdf 15-10 - Revenue Estimates, 2015-16 & 2016-17 Fiscal Years  07/21/2015
  • Open 15-09.pdf 15-09 - Closing Instruction No. 5, Fiscal Year 2014-15; Year-End Processing Deadlines and an Important Reminder about SAP Budget Period Values  06/02/2015
  • Open 15-08.pdf 15-08 - Closing Instruction No. 4, Fiscal Year 2014-15; Pending Lapse/Lapse Transactions and Reporting Deadlines  06/02/2015
  • Open 15-07.pdf 15-07 - Approval of 2015-16 Advancement Accounts and Completion of Form STD-133, Request for Approval of Advancement Account  04/20/2015
  • Open 15-06.pdf 15-06 - Closing Instruction No. 3, Fiscal Year 2014-15; Prior Fiscal Year Appropriations Subject to Act 146 Waivers and Encumbrances Carried Forward From Prior Fiscal Years (Including Contracted Repairs)  04/13/2015
  • Open 15-05.pdf 15-05 - Closing Instruction No. 2, Fiscal Year 2014-15; Pre-closing at May 11, 2015  04/13/2015
  • Open 15-04.pdf 15-04 - Closing Instruction No. 1, Fiscal Year 2014-15; Submission of Purchasing Documents  02/19/2015
  • Open 15-03.pdf 15-03 - Photographs of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Cabinet Members in Commonwealth Office Buildings  02/06/2015
  • Open 15-02.pdf 15-02 - 2015-2016 Budget Hearing Materials  02/06/2015
  • Open 15-01.pdf 15-01 - Distribution of the 2015-2016 Commonwealth Budget  02/06/2015