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Adoption Medical History Registry


General Information


Can an adoptee obtain medical history information?

Can a biological parent share medical information without revealing her/his identity?


Yes. The Department of Public Welfare operates the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR) that enables birth parents to share their family medical history with the child they placed for adoption.  The registry serves as a central repository for collecting and storing birth family medical information and adoptee requests. For more information, you may review the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network website or contact: 


   Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR)
   PO Box 4379
   Harrisburg, PA  17111-0379
   (800) 227-0225




Can an adoptee request birth or death certificates of biological family members to obtain medical history information?


Birth or death certificates of biological family members can only be released to adoptee if the death occurred prior to the date the adoption was granted (must be proven) since parental rights were not terminated in such cases. 


Once an adoption is granted, an adoptee's legal rights to these certificates are relinquished.  Therefore, a court order from the court that granted the adoption is required for release of birth or death certificates of biological family members.