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Diversion Subcommittee

PCCD’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee (JJDPC) has established a Diversion Subcommittee to promote both the creation of pre-adjudication diversion programs, as well as formal, county-wide policies designed to hold non-violent youthful offenders accountable without proceeding to an adjudication of delinquency or conviction for a summary offense. 

Originally created as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change Initiative, the Diversion Subcommittee is working to help provide juvenile justice professionals with alternative ways to address the criminogenic needs of young, non-violent offenders, while ensuring that community safety is not compromised.  Use of diversion policies and practices in appropriate cases can reduce the burden on the formal juvenile justice system while still ensuring that juveniles are held responsible for their actions and their victims are restored to the greatest extent possible.  Diversion programs are of special interest for those youth with mental health needs who are better served by identifying and treating the underlying conditions, rather than their becoming involved with the formal juvenile court process.

The Chair of the Diversion Subcommittee is George Mosee Jr., Deputy District Attorney for Philadelphia’s Juvenile Division (and who is in charge of Juvenile Diversion in Philadelphia), and the Co-Chair is Lourdes Rosado, Associate Director of the Juvenile Law Center.  Members of the subcommittee are drawn from across the spectrum of the juvenile justice system including probation, prosecutors, public defenders, state agencies such as the Department of Public Welfare, the Department of Education and the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, law enforcement, victims’ services, and mental health providers. 

A full list of the members can be found at the link below.  Questions about the subcommittee should be directed to Geoff Kolchin at
gkolchin@pa.gov or (717) 265-8483.

Diversion Subcommittee Members

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