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System Enhancement Subcommittee

In 2005 the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee established the System Enhancement Subcommittee. The original purpose of this Subcommittee was to provide oversight and coordination for three intersecting projects designed to impact and improve the juvenile justice system.

The projects are:

  • "Juvenile Justice System Enhancement/BARJ Training Project" based at the Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research (CJJT&R) at Shippensburg University; and
  • "Research, Analysis and Communications" and "Measuring Intermediate Outcomes of Balanced and Restorative Justice" Projects based at the National Center for Juvenile Justice

The committee is currently tasked with assessing, monitoring and addressing system wide issues that may affect the juvenile justice system. The committee will prioritize these issues and advise the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee on strategies that could be employed to effect system wide change.

Questions about the work of the System Enhancement Subcommittee should be directed to Marcella Szumanski at mszumanski@pa.gov or (717) 265-8463.

System Enhancement Subcommittee Members

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