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Welcome to Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY)

Pennsylvania's Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program (AEDY) provides a combination of intense, individual academic instruction and behavior modification counseling in an alternative setting to assist students in returning successfully to their regular classroom.

Program approval is required for any Local Education Agency (LEA) implementing an internal program or utilizing an approved private provider. Programs are required to meet minimum requirements in order to obtain approval.


De-escalation Techniques (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

List of Approved Private Alternative Education Institutions

Private Providers

Regional Coordinators Contact List (PDF)

Regional Meetings, Conferences and Workshops (PDF)


AEDY Referral/Intake Documentation (REQUIRED)

The AEDY Referral/Intake Documentation must be utilized by any LEA placing a student in an AEDY Program. The AEDY Program (public or private) must ensure that all information is present PRIOR to accepting a student. All procedures must be implemented and all information must be documented on this form and available for review during any monitoring or audit proceeding. It has been created to ensure that all required procedures have been implemented prior to the referral and acceptance of a student in an AEDY Program.

Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) Referral Intake Form (Word)

PDE Monitoring

The Pennsylvania Department of Education creates a schedule of monitoring visits of AEDY Programs at the beginning of each school year.

Programs will receive notification of their scheduled monitoring prior to the visit and will be provided with a pre-monitoring document at that time.

Online Reporting

The AEDY End-of-Year Report must be completed for each approved AEDY Program annually by every LEA. The report for each approved program is due July 31 of each year. Failure to comply with this deadline will jeopardize funding for the coming year.

AEDY End-of-Year Reports can be submitted electronically through the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Online Application.

Laws, Guidelines and Applications

Program or LEAs Applying for Program Approval

Listed below are the guidelines that outline the requirements for establishing and referring disruptive students to an Alternative Education program.

Related Basic Education Circulars (BEC):

Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth

Pennsylvania School Code

Article XIX-C, Act 30 OF 1997 Disruptive Student Programs
Article XIX-E, Act 48 of 1999 Private Alternative Education Institutions for Disruptive Students

For additional information, please contact:

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