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List of Approved Private Alternative Education Institutions


In November of 1999, the General Assembly passed Act 48, which permits public schools to contract with private alternative education institutions (private providers). These private providers can be for-profit and non-profit entities or individuals. In order to contract with a public school, the private provider must apply to the Department of Education for approval. The Department reviews the institution/individual's mission statement, financial information, level of experience with disruptive youth population, previous training, and background clearances on key employees. Schools may contract with approved private providers to supply the full Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program or a part of the program such as the counseling component. Grant funds are provided to public schools only.

List of Approved Private Alternative Education Institutions.

Below is a link to the law that allows private providers to contract with public schools.

Act 48 of 1999


If you would like to apply for approval to become a private provider of AEDY services, see directions and applications (PDF).

Programs are approved for middle school, junior high school, senior high school or area vocational-technical school in accordance with Act 30.

Once a private provider is approved, the provider is added to the List of Approved Private Alternative Education Institutions (see below) and may begin to contract with public school entities to provider alternative education services. The Act 48 program placement agreement/contract between the approved private provider and the public school entity must be submitted to PDE immediately. This document will become part of the program approval and will be kept on file by the department.

A copy of a SAMPLE contract for an approved private provider and a public school, that can be modified and used, is available by clicking on this SAMPLE CONTRACT (PDF). This sample is in Microsoft Word format and provided for your convenience. You DO NOT have to use this contract sample, however, you must ensure that all requirements of the state guidelines for contracts are incorporated into the contract that you use to receive approval and funding. Please do not just fill in the blanks, but review the contract and specifically spell out who is responsible for what items so that it is clear if any concerns are raised.