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Myths or Things You Didn't Know   (PDF)

Policy On Federal Interest  (PDF)

ARRA Monitoring Quick Guide  (PDF)

ARRA Monitoring Notifications (PDF)

ARRA Survey FAQ  (PDF)

ARRA On-Site Monitoring Instrument (PDF)


ARRA Communications Archive  (PDF)

SFSF Phase I Award Letter  (PDF)

SFSF Phase II Award Letter (PDF)

SFSF Phase I Application  (PDF)

SFSF Phase II Application (PDF)

SFSF Amended Application (PDF)

SFSF Annual Performance Report

PA Education Jobs Fund Program Application (PDF)

PA Education Jobs Fund Maintenance of Effort (PDF)

PA Education Jobs Fund Award Letter and GAN (PDF)

SLDS Award Letter (PDF)


Pennsylvania's Recovery Act Site

U.S. Recovery Act Site
   Recovery Act

U.S. Government Spending

White House Office of Management and Budget - ARRA Page
   OMB Circulars, A-133
   CCR Registration
   Federal Audit Clearinghouse Database

U.S. Department of Education - ARRA Reporting
   ARRA Programs - Overview
   ARRA SFSF Guidance for Auditors  (PDF)

U.S. Department of Education Office of Inspector General - Reports

U.S.  Government Accountability Office - ARRA Oversight in PA

Pennsylvania Auditor General ARRA Page
   School District Audits

Pennsylvania Office of Budget Resources
   PA Single Audit Information
PA Comptroller Audits

Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General

Pennsylvania Stimulus Oversight Commission

Department of General Services - Small and Disadvantaged Businesses Information
   ARRA Information for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

Pennsylvania Contracts eLibrary  Agency: ‘Department of Education’; Subject Matter Contains: ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’ or 'ARRA'

U.S. Department of Agriculture ARRA NSLP Site




Charter School Information

     2011- Charter School PSSA Performance - (Excel)