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Pennsylvania Department of State State Architects Licensure Board
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LICENSE RENEWAL ALERT - State Architects Licensure Board

May 2011 www.dos.state.pa.us


Biennial renewal notices for 2011-2013 have been mailed for Registered Architects (RA) and Registered Architectural Firms (AX/SP).   You can renew your license online with a credit card at www.mylicense.state.pa.us, by using your registration number located on your wallet size card, or by  contacting the board office at 717-783-3397 or st-architect@pa.gov.  Paper renewals are issued upon request to the board office or can be downloaded from the board’s website.


Please be aware that sole proprietorships are subject to a biennial renewal.  However, as there is currently no renewal fee, sole proprietorships cannot renew online.   You must visit the board's website to download a paper renewal application for architectural firm registration, or contact the board office. 

A sole proprietorship is defined in the board’s regulations as a business firm solely owned by an individual architect licensed in this commonwealth.  A sole proprietorship is not to be confused with the sole ownership of a corporation, association, and/or limited liability company/partnership, which are subject to a biennial renewal fee.

Registered architects must obtain firm registration if they are providing architecture services as a sole owner of an architectural firm that is a corporation, association and/or limited liability company/partnership or sole proprietor, whether practicing out of a private or a corporate office.  Again, with the exception of sole proprietorships, all other firm entity owners must pay a biennial renewal fee.


Obtaining firm name approval from the State Architects Licensure Board and approval from the Corporations Bureau does not allow a firm to practice until an application for firm registration to the State Architects Licensure Board has been submitted and approved.

It is very important that licensees be aware of the board’s law and rules/regulations.   This information is available on the board's website, or a hard copy may be obtained by contacting the board office at 717-783-3397 or st-architect@pa.gov.   In addition, please be informed that the board is currently undergoing amendments to its law and regulations.

State Architects Licensure Board
P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
717.783.3397 | ST-ARCHITECT@pa.gov
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