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With a large percentage of citizens over the age of 60, Pennsylvania’s older residents are targets for a wide variety of scams, cons and other crimes. Seniors are targeted for many kinds of consumer fraud, especially home improvement, financial exploitation, telemarketing and sweepstakes. However, the elderly are the targets of other types of abuse as well, such as neglect, physical assault, and sexual abuse. 

While all seniors are potentially vulnerable to criminal victimization, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, elder abuse is most concentrated among the very old. The age group most often found to need protective services (39%) is over the age of 81. Additionally, the majority of older adults found to need protective services are Caucasian females (67%) and are dependent on their abusers. The data reveals that 55% of alleged perpetrators are 30-59 years of age. The distribution of perpetrators by sex reveals that the majority are female. Pennsylvania’s data is similar to national data in that the largest group of abusers is that of female caregivers. Nonetheless, elder abuse broadly defined is a crime, and it negatively impacts many of our residents every year.

ith this as a backdrop, the Office of Victims’ Services is providing this page as a means of information exchange and resource sharing around this topic. If your agency has created any materials related to elder abuse and/or to the provision of services to senior victims, including outreach materials and presentations, please send them electronically to and we will post them for sharing. We hope service providers find this resource helpful.

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You can access the Attorney General's online Elder Abuse Unit complaint form by clicking here, or you can call their toll-free Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-866-623-2137.

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