Empowerment & Satisfaction Questionnaire FAQ's

  • Do I have to utilize the ETO software to report my agency’s ESQ-LF data or can I continue to use the spreadsheet for the ESQ-LF?

    You will need to use the ETO software for the ESQ-LF. The spreadsheet will no longer be used once the new ETO software has been implemented.

  • Are ESQ-LF surveys attached to individual clients?

    No, the ESQ-LF’s are anonymous so they will not be connected to a specific client.

  • Do we need to enroll clients in order to put the results of the ESQ-LF surveys into the ETO software?

    No. Responses to the ESQ-LF will not be connected to the individual client.

  • What options are there for data capture for individual client information and survey responses? Is manual data entry the only option?

    If you use the client data management system, the data that is manually entered into ETO will automatically complete the respective funder(s) report for the aggregate data.

    As far as the ESQ-LF, the data returned on the survey will need to be manually entered into the ETO Outcomes section since the survey is anonymous. However, programs will be able to provide an electronic link to the ESQ-LF to the client who will be able to complete the survey anonymously on a computer.

  • Is this system counting the results of the ESQ-LF information and if so, an email was sent citing a date to April 15th for the first collection. Would that be done on this website?

    Currently, all agencies are to be submitting the ESQ-LF data as they have been. Once the system I up and running, then they will be notified as to when to begin using the ETO to collect the ESQ-LF information.

  • I am responsible for tabulating the results for the ESQ-LF for my department. Should this webinar be reviewed by the person who does the overall statistics for my agency?

    It would probably be beneficial for that person to view the training. The WebEx presentation is posted on our website. Others may listen to the recorded presentation at their convenience.