Enforcement Ideas

Below are some techniques that counties across Pennsylvania are currently using to help ensure that offenders are fulfilling not only the incarceration or probation period of their sentence but also the financial aspect as well.
  • In Somerset County, staff from the Probation Department meet with offenders who are sentenced to probation only immediately after sentencing. They fill out the judgment forms and have the defendant sign a wage attachment form and payment plan up front.
  • Offenders on probation in Bucks County are not allowed to travel outside of the county unless they are current on their payment plan.
  • In Lancaster County, an offender’s probation may be revoked and they are given a new probationary period if they are not compliant with their payment plan.
  • Lancaster County Probation Department also takes any money that an offender leaves in his or her inmate account when they are released from prison and applies it towards court costs, fines, and restitution.
  • Luzerne County Probation Department keeps a list of all offenders who are receiving benefits from the Department of Public Welfare. This list is checked on a monthly basis (rather than annually or only when the defendant initially applies for benefits). If individuals are three months or more behind on making payments the welfare office is notified to suspend benefits.

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