Identify Agency ETO Administrator (aka Site Manager)

This person will be responsible for establishing user roles for other staff members; adding additional fields or edits to your own ETO site; and adding staff and volunteer names to the ETO dropdowns, etc.  We’ve been asked in the ETO regional trainings, if agencies can have more than one Site Manager.  The answer is yes, more than one person can be identified as Site Manager.  We recommend that two individuals from each agency have the role of Site Manager in the event one of them is out of the office for an extended period of time, etc.  However, no more than 2 people may have this role.

With this level of access to ETO comes great responsibility as you will now be able to augment the configuration of your ETO template site.  It is highly recommended that prior to making any configuration changes, that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with how to make the change, as well as the potential impact that the change may have on what has already been configured.  For example, a majority of the fields in the Case Management configuration have been mapped to the custom reports being created.  As such, an inadvertent change to one of these fields would impact the way data is pulled into the custom reports.

Site Managers should plan to attend a 3-day new Administrator Orientation session through Social Solutions, Inc. and/or access the on-line recorded sessions regarding ETO and ETO Administration.