Program Spotlight: Lehigh County Juvenile Probation

Since 1987, the CAWS-operated recycling center, in cooperation with the City of Allentown, has removed over 84 million pounds of materials from the waste stream and over $550,000 in restitution has been paid out to victims of juvenile crime. One year, when the value of newsprint increased and there was a surplus of money, the program paid out $41,000 to 61 crime victims where the offender had died and there was still restitution owed to the victim.

Lehigh County Juvenile Probation started the Allentown Recycling Center by accepting newspaper and aluminum cans in 1988 as a community service work-site to raise funds for juvenile crime victims.  The Center was expanded in 1989 to accept a full range of recyclables to service businesses as well as residents.  The Center accepts newspaper, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper/magazines, paperboard, phone books, books, aluminum cans, foil and pie plates, tin/steel cans, bottles and plastic containers, scrap metal, clothing/textiles and household batteries. Every weekend four different shifts of youth labor provides seventeen hours of coverage at the center. 

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