Records Retention FAQ's

  • How long do client records need to be retained? 7 years, 5 years?

    PCAR = 5 years
    PCADV = 3 years after the Grant has expired or until any litigation, claims or exceptions have reached final disposition
    PCCD = 3 years

  • How long will client information be saved within the database? Who is in charge of removing client information after so many years?

    This has not yet been developed, but will be part of our discussions with the pilot sites and will be incorporated in our operating policies and procedures.

  • If we input case notes in this system, will there be a way to permanently delete those case notes when we destroy the paper file (if we will also continue to use paper client files)?

    Yes, a victim service program can make a formal request to PCCD, who in turn will contact Social Solutions with this request to permanently delete a client’s case information. Social Solutions will notify PCCD when the permanent deletion has occurred and PCCD will in turn, notify the respective victim service program. Policy and procedure are in the process of being developed that will outline this process.