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Arts Alive Summer Institute For Students And Teachers

Arts Alive is a four week summer experience for talented high school students of the arts and professional educators. The program includes opportunities in the visual and performing arts. Authentic assessment, high school/college collaboration, current applications to state regulations, inclusion practices for at-risk youth and youth offenders and professional artists as partners are primary components of Arts Alive. This is a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts (PCA) partnership program and a program of the ArtsEngage project of Lackawanna County.   Students from 20 public school districts, non-public schools and alternative centers participate in the program. The Lackawanna County Courts directly assign juvenile offenders to the program as part of their sentencing.  The Lackawanna County Department of Children and Youth also refer their clients to the program as part of a partnership program with the Lackawanna County Department of Arts and Culture.   Public school teachers attend the program as peers to the high school students and receive 12 professional continuing education credits for their participation.  The instructors in the program are Pennsylvania Council on the Arts roster artists.  Former students, who are currently attending universities and are majoring in the arts, serve as mentors to the students in the program.  Arts Alive has been awarded Best Practices in the Arts in Pennsylvania and is a Regional Summer School of Excellence of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

The students study either dance, music, theatre, photography, mixed media or painting in professional studios for extended hours daily.  The final performance and exhibition is held in the large, public performing arts center, The Scranton Cultural Center, on the last evening of the program.  The visual arts display is part of the Scranton City First Friday Art Gallery Tour. The students publish a professional catalogue of their works and a professional video of the performance is created. 

For information on Arts Alive, please call Dr. Catherine Richmond-Cullen, Curriculum Specialist, NEIU at 570.876.9223 or email her at ccullen@iu19.org.