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Key Strategies
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Leaders and teachers in CTE programs that improve are very intentional about achieveing student success. They thoughtfully develop a Standards Aligned System and support that system with people, processes and partnerships to deliver results.

 Create a Standards Aligned System Through Instruction, Intervention, Curriculum and Assessment

  • Integrate literacy and numeracy strategies into CTE
  • Build relevance through cross-curricular linkages
  • Provide extra help to strengthen academic and/or technical skill performance
  • Create extensive student support and guidance
 Curriculum Framework
  • Develop a standardized and aligned curriculum 
 Fair Assessment
  • Use assessment results to target instructional strategies 
 Clear Standards
  • Create standards for all CTE majors (established by PDE/BCTE) 
 Materials and Resources
  • Offer materials and resources to CTCs (provided by PDE/BCTE through
    the Technical Assistance Project and Best Practices Initiative) 
Support a Standards Aligned System Through People, Processes and Partnerships

  • Build a culture of targeted and ongoing professional growth
  • Center teacher evaluation within a culture of professional growth
  • Develop a cohesive team 
  • Be intentional and systemic about change
  • Make program and instructional decisions based on data 
  • Cultivate relationships with community, business and industry partners
  • Strengthen relationships with education partners 

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