Eligible Persons Who May Request Certificates


Birth Certificates


  • Person named on the birth certificate, who is 18 years of age or older (if under 18, immediate family member must apply)
  • Legal representative
  • Husband / wife
  • Parent / step-parent*
  • Brother / sister / half-brother / half-sister
  • Son / daughter / stepson* / stepdaughter*
  • Grandparent / great grandparent (specify maternal or paternal)
  • Grandchild / great grandchild
  • Power of Attorney (for person named on birth certificate or immediate family member listed above)

If the person named on the birth certificate is deceased, a family member who is not an "immediate family member" must submit a copy of the death certificate to be eligible to receive a certified copy of the birth certificate.


*A step-parent or step-child is required to submit parents' marriage record supporting their relationship.


Death Certificates

  • Legal representative of decedent's estate
  • Immediate family members
  • Extended family members who indicate a direct relationship to the decedent
  • Power of Attorney
  • If applicant is retained by a city/county/state office who has assumed administration of an estate, a letter signed by an official of the city/county/state office is required indicating for what purpose they have retained the services of the applicant and identify whose estate is involved.

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