Multi-Year Birth Search


If you do not have specific information related to the birth of your relative (e.g., such as the individual’s first and last name, exact spelling of the individual’s last name), it will be necessary for you to access other resources in an attempt to obtain this information before proceeding with a multi-year birth search request.  An applicant should only be submitting a multi-year search request when the exact year of birth is unknown. 


·        A multi-year birth search will be completed for births that occurred from 1909 to the present.   


·         Requests are processed in approximately 22 weeks from the date of receipt. 



Multi-Year Birth Search Requirements


If the year of birth is unknown, an applicant may request a multi-year birth search.  The fee is $45.00 for a search of two to ten years (this fee includes one certification).  Additional years may be searched at a rate of $25.00 for a span of two to ten years. 


Before completing the Application for Multi-Year Search of Birth Records, please note the following:


·      Beginning and ending year:  Be careful when designating a ten-year span. 

For example, 1955 through 1965 represents (11) years rather than ten (10) years.  In this case, you would either have to designate 1955 through 1964 or 1954 through 1963.


·      Name at Birth:  Individual’s first and last name is required to conduct a multi-year search.  However, if you know the individual’s middle name and/or suffix, please include this information.  

You may list only one spelling of the first and last name in the “Name at Birth” entry.  If there are variations to the spelling of these names, you may indicate these names in the entry for “Other” located on the bottom of the application form .  However, this information will only be utilized to determine if we have located the appropriate birth record.  We will not conduct a search utilizing these spellings or another name (e.g., a request for another name would require an additional application with the appropriate fee).


·      Place of Birth:  Be sure to provide at least the county of birth.    

If your relative has a common name, it may not be possible to determine if the appropriate birth record has been located.


You may now download the Application for Multi-Year Search of Birth Record.  If you are unable to provide sufficient information on this form as indicated above, we will be unable to process your request.



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