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Live Birth Registration

The Vital Events Registry is a statewide data system responsible for collecting information on all births that occur in Pennsylvania. The Vital Events Registry is part of the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program (VSCP) administered by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Through this program, the CDC provides funding for states, such as Pennsylvania, to ensure the birth data is as complete, timely and accurate as possible.

Data Collection
A live birth is the expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception, irrespective of the period of gestation, which shows any evidence of life at any moment after such expulsion or extraction. All live births occurring in Pennsylvania are required to be reported to the Department of Health by the Vital Statistics Law of 1953 and Title 28 of the Pennsylvania Code. Births must be reported within 10 days of the event. Every year over 150,000 births occur in Pennsylvania. Since 1906, over 17 million babies have been born in Pennsylvania. About 97% of all births occur in a hospital or birthing center.

Birth data for babies born in hospital and birthing centers must be filed by the hospital or birthing center using the Department of Health’s electronic birth registration system, called EBC for short. Birth certificates for babies born at home must be filed by the person who was attending the birth.

The type of data collected includes demographics (age, gender, where they live, etc.) and medical information about the mother and baby. The Department also collects birth data through data exchange with other states when Pennsylvania residents give birth in another state.


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