The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) was implemented in 1987 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help state health departments establish and maintain a surveillance system of selected maternal behaviors and experiences during and after pregnancy. PRAMS data is used for planning and assessing state health programs. PRAMS not only provides state-specific data but allows comparisons among participating states because the same data collection methods are used in all states. Pennsylvania became a participating state in 2007. Randomly selected women from registered live births are asked to complete a mailed survey. There are core questions and additional questions that states may ask to meet state needs. There are four breastfeeding related questions in the 2007-08 Pennsylvania PRAMS. They are:

1. Did you ever breastfeed or pump breast milk to feed your new baby after delivery?
2. Are you still breastfeeding or feeding pumped milk to your new baby?
3. How many weeks or months did you breastfeed or pump milk to feed your baby?
4. How old was your baby the first time you fed him or her anything besides breast milk? (Include formula, baby food, juice, cow’s milk, water, sugar water, or anything else you fed your baby).

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