SRM Supplier Portal Black Out Period  

SBPI Self-Certification

The Commonwealth has completed the upgrade of its Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) procurement system on October 29, 2013. The required blackout period for the Vendor Portal has ended. Vendors are again able to access the small business self-certification application to renew their small and Small Diverse Business status.

How does this affect self certification in SBPI?

Vendors attempting to access the SBPI application to renew their small or small diverse business status were unable to do so while the blackout period continued. The Bureau of Small Business Opportunities has identified those vendors whose small business certifications and small diverse business verifications were impacted by the blackout period - those whose expiration dates fall between 10/3/2013 and 10/29/2013 - and granted an extension through December 2, 2013, to renew their small business certifications and Small Diverse Business verifications. Vendors whose expirations fall outside the dates noted above are required to renew by their normal expiration dates.

Impacted vendors have already been notified.

Impacted small businesses

The Bureau of Small Business Opportunities has identified vendors whose certifications have been impacted by the blackout period and whose certifications will expire or may have already expired from the online SBPI database. Below is a list of vendors that may not appear in the database but have been determined by BSBO to be in good standing through December 2, 2013. Vendors who do not appear in the online SBPI database December 3, 2013, and later are no longer certified.

Certified Small Businesses in good standing through 12/2/2013 but not found in the SBPI online database

Please contact BSBO at RA-smallbusiness@pa.gov or 717-783-3119 for additional information.