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Welcome to the Bureau of Special Education

We hope you will find this information useful and informative. This information pertains to the Bureau of Special Education. For more indepth information on Special Education, please go to our Special Education Program page.

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BSE Communicator

Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP)


Highlights/Mission of the Bureau

Parents and advocates may contact the Special Education ConsultLine at 1-800-879-2301 (in-state) or (717) 657-5842 (out-of-state) for information regarding special education regulations and complaint system. Or go to our Special Education Program page.

For Frequently Asked Questions please click here: FAQ  or


  • The Progress Monitoring Initiative which strives to improve student achievement by making effective instructional decisions based on data
  • The Mathematics Initiative strives to provide training to teachers, para educators, and administrators that will provide instructional and assessment practices that will improve overall achievement that leads to AYP goal successes
  • The Secondary Transition Initiative which increases the likelihood of graduation and the reduction of dropouts, both major AYP goals


To accelerate the learning of children with exceptionalities through an improved educational system focused on results.

Core Work
  • Technical Assistance: Work with state and local agencies to ensure high levels of services.
  • Monitoring: Monitors every school district once in a 6 year cycle and when required.
Special Education Plan Review
  • Ensure that plans submitted every 3 years are aligned with overall strategic plans. 
Complaint Investigation
  • Conduct Investigations of complaints filed by anyone regarding an individual child systemic issue
  • Issue a report after an on-site investigation no later than 60 days after complaint
Pre K-12 Strategic Plan


Quality Leadership
  • Strong & capable instructional leaders
  • Unrelenting focus on evidence-based teaching & learning
  • Culture of continuous improvement & accountability for performance
Artful Use of Infrastructure
  • Authentic relationships & partnerships with families, community, business, and higher education
  • Strategic alignment & utilization of staff, facilites, time, fiscal resources and technology
  • Intensive supports for 'struggling' districts and schools
Quality Teaching
  • A qualified, effective teacher
  • Rigorous curriculum, reliable assessments and standards-aligned instructional materials
  • Responsive instruction for all, with targeted assistance for 'struggling' students and staff
Continuous Learning Ethic
  • Communities of quality professional practice
  • Culture of standards-based continous professional learning
  • Culture of internal professional accountability
Results for Students
  • ALL Students are proficient or advanced in core subjects
  • ALL Students graduate from high school
  • ALL Students achieve an equitable outcome regardless of background or 'condition'
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