Licensee Tax Responsibility Program (LTRP)

Executive Order 2011-06, creating the Licensee Tax Responsibility Program was signed by Governor Tom Corbett on Sept. 15, 2011, to replace previously issued Executive Order 2006-03

The enhanced clearance program provides for exchange of licensee information to the Department of Revenue by state agencies responsible for the issuance and renewal of licenses, permits and registrations. 

The Department of Revenue is responsible for reviewing licensees’ tax accounts to evaluate compliance with state tax obligations, and the department will notify a noncompliant licensee or applicant, through its licensing agency, of that the entity must address unresolved state tax issues.  Licensing agencies may then – as laws and regulations provide – independently evaluate, determine and impose appropriate sanctions against licensees and applicants determined to be noncompliant taxpayers.  The Department of Revenue may also institute appropriate collection activity against noncompliant taxpayers in addition to whatever penalties or sanctions the licensing agency may impose.

This program is part of an ongoing effort to ensure those that receive commonwealth benefit, either through state contracts or licenses issued by commonwealth agencies, are compliant with state tax obligations.