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working together to instill healthy behaviors in our business culture, to improve employee health and to reduce costs


The worksite has a powerful influence on an individual's health, as this is where most adults typically spend half or more of their waking hours.  The commonwealth would like to assist in efforts towards improving Pennsylvania’s business climate by informing Pennsylvania businesses of the advantages of Worksite Wellness.  The health status of employees directly impacts the bottom line of all Pennsylvania businesses. 


Effective worksite health promotion programs reduce medical expenditures resulting in direct cost savings to businesses, and reduce the indirect costs that affect all businesses regardless of size or ability to fund medical benefits:

  • average savings of 25 percent of a business's health care costs
  • indirect costs are two to three times higher than direct medical costs
  • return on investment (ROI) range up to over $6.00, with the average ranging from $3.00 to $4.73 saved per dollar spent on worksite wellness programs 
Other advantages include:
  •  reducing absenteeism and turnover
  •  improving productivity and morale
  •  fostering loyalty and stronger organizational commitments

Prescription for Pennsylvania proposes the following work incentives toward creating and sustaining a healthier workforce:

  • smoke-free environment in all public places, including workplaces (signage of the Clean Indoor Air Act on 6/13/08)
  • incentives for employers to create wellness programs for employees
  • consumer incentives for healthy behaviors
  • establishment and implementation of a model for chronic disease treatment
These proposals all support the basis of a worksite wellness program focusing on the top three lifestyle choices that contribute to a company’s bottom line:
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Tobacco use



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