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Cable/Satellite TV Services

OA-Information Technology (OA/IT) manages the Cable/Satellite Television (CATV) infrastructure in the capitol campus complex and several commonwealth owned buildings. OA/OIT provides consulting and engineering design services that enable agencies to use the commonwealth’s CATV services. Agencies can use the services to view or broadcast content such as live or taped video or multimedia

Operational Procedures

To view CATV content, a cable drop must be connected to a TV, computer, or other approved device.  

·       Agencies are to contact OA/OIT at ra-catvvideosystems@pa.gov to obtain prior approval for the installation, expansion, modification or removal of CATV services.  

·       CATV wiring and installation services are provided by vendors on state contract. Access to the contract is available on the DGS eMarketplace Web site. Click on “Search Contracts” then search based on description for  IT Cable/Satellite Services   

·       The Agency’s selected vendor must meet with OA/OIT staff to survey the physical location and review technical specifications before work begins.

·       Vendors must provide a cost estimate to the requesting agency prior to beginning work. 


Policy Reference:

ITB-NET007 Cable/Satellite Television (CATV) Services