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Cambria Heights Senior High School
Program Title – Read Across America Day – Stranger Danger
Goals/Objectives:  To help kindergarten students know how to deal with strangers.
Brief Description of Program  Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America members read a story to all the kindergarten students entitled the Berenstein Bears Trouble with Strangers.  After the story, the FCCLA members presented an interactive skit where the puppets were playing when a stranger asked for help or offered ice cream.  The kindergarten students voted to decide if the puppet should go with the stranger.  The puppet story continued according to how the students voted. 
Results of Activity  The story and puppet show lead to a discussion about:
1.   Who is a stranger
2.   What do strangers look like
3.   What to do if a stranger asks for your help or offers good things
Evaluation Tools & Procedures  The activity was lead by the high school students who were members of FCCLA.  They had their book, script, and puppets.  There was no formal pretest and post test.  It was a simple evaluation through having the students interact with the puppets and listening to the students talk about strangers during the discussion phase.
Resources and Other Related Information
Reading book, the skit’s script, and puppets
Contact Information
Debra Yablinsky
Cambria Heights School District
PO Box 6
426 Glendale Lake Road
Patton, PA  16686-0066

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