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Cambria Heights Senior High School (2)

Program Title – Read Across America Day
Goals/Objectives:  To encourage students to select healthy snacks and to exercise.
Brief Description of Program:  Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members read a story to the elementary students about food during Read Across America Day. Before the story began, FCCLA members offered a choice of carrots or a candy kiss to the elementary students. After the story ended, the elementary students needed to jog in place for the amount of time that it takes to burn the calories in the snack they had chosen. The ones who selected carrots needed to jog for six seconds. The children who selected a candy kiss needed to jog for four minutes and 15 seconds.
Results of Activity:  This activity lead to a discussion about calories and exercise.  In this case, it was surprising how much difference there is in “working off” a sweet snack as compared to a healthy snack.
Evaluation Tools & Procedures:  The activity was lead by the high school students who were members of FCCLA. There was no formal pretest and post test. It was a simple evaluation through listening to the students talk about calories, snacks and exercise, and observing their jogging performance.
Resources and Other Related Information:  Carrots and candy kisses
The local Department of Health helped to calculate the amount of time needed to jog in place based on the average third graders height and weight. 
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