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East Forest Junior Senior High School

Program Title - East Forest Mini Relay for Life


Goals/Objectives - To increase awareness of behaviors that can reduce a person’s risk of getting cancer and to raise money to support a local Relay team. 


Brief Description of Program

Objective:  The East Forest FCCLA planned and conducted a mini Relay for Life as a culminating event to a week-long look at Cancer Awareness. 


Plan: Coordinated with a member of the Team Cruisers, local relay team


The High School Relay on February 7, 2008

FCCLA members – The Relay for Life High School Relay is Thursday seventh and eighth period in and around the gym.  I hope you do as nice of a job with it as you did with the elementary relay.  During these periods your biggest task and challenge is to get all of your peers excited about doing something to reduce cancer in our country.  They will only be as excited as you are.  If you are scheduled for a station, please remain at the station through all of the 10-minute intervals.  There will be music and walking in the gym while this is going on.  Wear purple or get an FCCLA shirt to wear for the day. 


Tobacco Station - Assist the Tobacco people.  They will be prepared – you keep your peers on task. Station will take place in main lobby.  Be aware that elementary students will be coming down at 2:20 and you need to be cleaned up from there.

          Alyssa Andrews and Vikki Forry


Nutrition Station  - This station will be on the stage.  You will need to get two blenders and all ingredients set up during the last lunch.  Prepare recipe cards to hand out to anyone who wants one.  Remind people that in order to reduce cancer they should eat foods high in fiber and low in fat.  Make the smoothies.    Make sure students take only one cup per student. 

          Erica Long, Lauren Oliver, Nicole Kahle, Seth Toski.


DDR Station – Supervise students playing – get winners to the front – tell them about the DDR dance competition next week.  This station will be in the lobby by the locker rooms.  Need extension cords and equipment.  Someone needs to ask Mr. Thorton about using his DDR. 

          Jocelyn, Brianna, Billy Clow, Jeremy


Game corner – Look over the game beforehand and then play with all in attendance.  Mrs. Rossetti has the game.  Sell bags for $1.00  This station will take place in the lobby by the equipment room. 

          Joe, Angela, Chelsea, Matt DiCorpo


Walkers - You need to be on track walking or dancing with the music.  You may lead your class and help carry the banner or just encourage others to participate and join you in the walk.  Assist Ashley when she needs you

          Everyone not listed above


Results of Activity – We had the entire Junior and Senior High School involved for two periods at the end of the day.  Each class made a class banner and carried it during their walking sessions. 


Evaluation Tools & Procedures - Students were observed having a good time and enjoying the activities.  A questionnaire was circulated to teachers asking them to rank the effectiveness and organization of the afternoon.  All respondents were favorable. 



Resources and Other Related Information - American Cancer Society


Relay for Life photos (PDF)




Contact Information


Mary Alyce Knauff

East Forest Junior Senior High School

120 West Birch Street

Marienville, PA 16239




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