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Guidance on Perkins 380/381 Project Revisions
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When to submit a project revision:

  1. Revisions to projects must be submitted to the Department no later than March 30.

  2. Revisions to approved projects are initiated by completing the applicable components of the eGrant application online. The same documents are used for revisions as in the original application. No revisions may be made until a project has final approval.

  3. Please refer to specific program guidelines for information on when a revision is required.

Note: Any changes in the total project amount or the ending date require pre-approval by PDE because such changes are formal contract amendments. Please contact your PDE program advisor if such changes are needed.

How to submit a project revision on the eGrants System:

  1. Access the career and technical education eGrants Web site (http://www.egrants.pa.gov) and click on Career and Technical Education. Log in using your ID and password.
  2. Choose the project that you wish to revise.
  3. Click on Start a Revision.
  4. Choose one or more reasons for the revision. The system does not monitor that all conditions are met so do not be concerned if you choose the wrong reason or miss a reason. You have a chance in the recap to correct the reasons for the revision.
  5. Click "Start Revision." The system will say "Revision has been started." Click the Return button.
  6. On the Main Menu notice that the items marked with a blue check mark cannot be revised.
  7. All sections must be marked as complete in order to submit the revision to PDE. As you mark a section as Complete, a blue check mark will appear on the main menu. Each section is a copy of the original submission (or a previously approved revision). Make changes as needed and mark each section as complete. To delete or edit an entry in the budget, click on the "edit" or "delete" button on the far right of the screen beside the entry to be changed.
  8. Under "Revision Recap," review the reasons chosen for the revision and correct as needed. Complete the section that requests an explanation for the revision. A complete explanation as to what project components are being revised and the reason for the revision is to be typed in this narrative box. This box can hold a large narrative field.
  9. After all sections are marked as complete, click the Submit to PDE button.

The approval process is similar to the original submission. An approval message will be sent to the contact person via email. Should the PDE project manager require additional information, an email message will be sent to the contact person and the revision will be returned to the LEA with areas identified as needing correction.

If a revision request is denied, an email message will be sent to the LEA.

An approved revision will supercede a previously approved version of the eGrant and will be the document that appears on your eGrant page when you view your project.

Should any component of the eGrants revision not work properly, you may contact the Help Desk by calling 717-506-2317 or 888-498-8129 or use the "On-Line eGrants Support" link at the bottom of the left column (blue column) on the eGrants home page.


For additional information, please contact:

Monique Williams |
Pennsylvania Department of Education - Bureau of Career and Technical Education
333 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
Phone: 717.346.3188 | Fax: 717.783.6672
mowilliams@pa.gov | www.education.state.pa.us