Caregiving & Family Support

Hospitals discharge patients earlier, older adults live longer, medical advances enable people with chronic illnesses and other conditions to remain in the community – what impact can this have for you?  The impact, as seen in growing numbers, is that more and more family members are providing support and services for their loved ones at home.

Support may range from giving medicines, providing transportation, helping with bathing and other personal care, to performing simple nursing tasks.  These, and the many other tasks involved in providing support to a loved one, often have the family member venturing into unknown, and sometimes uncomfortable, waters.  The family support-giver, for definition purposes, is anyone, whether a relative or not, who provides services and support for a loved one.

The information provided in these pages seeks to provide the family support-giver with knowledge and resources they may need to perform the support role they have so readily assumed.  The following will provide resources you can tap into, whether it is dealing with a hospital discharge to tips on hiring in home help through a personal care agency, or hiring in home help yourself.

What Is A Caregiver/Family Support
Intergenerational Support
The Basics
Hiring Help
Support From A Distance
The Healthcare System
Additional Resources

Celebrating Family Caregivers 

You may already know exactly what you need help with or you may have an urgent need for your loved one.  Our A-Z Directory can help you pinpoint the resources you need quickly.  

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