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Certification and Staffing Policy Guidelines

The Certification and Staffing Policy Guidelines (CSPGs) provide guidance and clarification to educators regarding (1) the issuance of professional certificates, (2) the grade level and content scope of certificate subject areas and (3) the appropriate certificate for staffing professional positions in public schools.  In this section, you will find a valuable research guide for certificate eligibility as well as for proper staffing practices that achieve educational excellence in the schools of the Commonwealth.

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Table of Contents


General Certification Information  CSPG 1-24

Instructional Certification   CSPG 30-70

Educational Specialist Certification  CSPG 75-86

Supervisory Area Certification  CSPG 88-92

Administrative Areas of Certification  CSPG 95-97

Ancillary Staffing Information CSPG 100-104

Licensed Professionals CSPG 201-202

Highly Qualified Determination - CSPG 301 (PDF)

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