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Educational Specialist School Speech and Language Pathologist Guidelines 10/10/2014 Program approval guidelines for this new area of certification. View Details
Testing Update - Safety Driver Education 8/11/2014 Safety Driver Education Praxis test will be offered one more time in September. View Details
CSPG 21 - Testing 8/1/2014 Revised the replaced test policy. View Details
CSPG 8 - Continuing Professional Development 8/1/2014 New CSPG created to provide guidance on meeting the continuing professional development requirements of Act 48 and Act 45. View Details
CSPG 11 - Personal Information Changes for Certificate Holders 8/1/2014 Instructions were updated to provide information on how to update electronically through TIMS. View Details
CSPG 20 - Induction 8/1/2014 Language added regarding long-term substitutes participating in induction activities. View Details
CSPG 63 - Special Education Speech and Language Impaired 8/1/2014 Clarifications to Special Considerations and language was simplified throughout. View Details
CSPG 86 - Educational Specialist Certificate for School Speech and Language Pathologist 8/1/2014 Newly created CSPG that defines the requirements and responsibilities for the newly created certificate. View Details
CSPG 301 - Highly Qualified Determination 8/1/2014 New CSPG created to provide guidance on meeting the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act in Pa. View Details