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Charter School Authorizer Toolkit 

 The Pennsylvania Department of Education is pleased to present to you the first Pennsylvania Charter School Authorizer Toolkit for School Districts.  This toolkit is being offered as an optional instrument for your use, but you are highly encouraged to consider it for your district.  Feel free to modify and adapt the toolkit as you see fit.

The role of the Charter School Authorizer is essential to the success of students attending charter schools in the Commonwealth. To meet this need, we have prepared several key documents that can be used to help fulfill your responsibilities under the Charter School Law, and can support your meaningful interaction with charter schools in your district.

We continue to strive to provide high quality support to all schools in the Commonwealth. We share a common goal of serving all Pennsylvania children in succeeding in academics and in life. The Department also takes seriously its commitment to provide technical assistance and support to authorizers, as well as to charter schools. Please feel free to contact the Charter School office in the Division of Nonpublic, Private and Charter School Services at 717-705-8019 if we can provide further assistance, or if you would like to make any recommendations or changes to this toolkit.

Please use the following links to access the toolkit:

I. Introduction
This document provides the authorizer with information regarding the Charter School Law around creation of a charter school and the authorizer's responsibilities.

II. Process for Initial Charter School Application
These documents provide the authorizer with information and guidance on the initial application process for charter schools.

III. Review of Initial Charter School Application
These documents provide instruction for the reviewers of the charter school application.

IV. School Opening
This document will give the charter school an idea of materials that need to be submitted to the school board prior to the opening of the school.

V. Charter School Annual Review
These documents provide the authorizer and charter school with guidelines for producing an annual report and pertinent financial analysis information.

VI. Charter School Renewal/Non-renewal Process
These documents provide the authorizer and charter school with information and guidelines for submitting a renewal letter and provide the authorizer with steps for renewal and non-renewal of the charter.

VII. Termination of Charter Agreement
This section will provide school authorizers with the necessary tools to revoke a charter.
Please Note: Revoking a charter is done during the term of a charter. Authorizers that wish not to renew a charter agreement should follow the steps outlined in the Renewal/Non-Renewal process.

For additional information, please contact:

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