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Charter School Agreement Revocation Process

What steps should the authorizer take if they choose not to revoke the charter agreement?
This page provides reasons for revocation and the required steps an authorizer must take if the decision is made to revoke a charter agreement.

How should the School Board communicate the decision to revoke a charter and what supporting material should the board provide to the charter school?  - MS Word Document
This document provides the same formats used for renewal of a charter agreement; however, districts should only complete the sections for which there are concerns that are causing the need for charter revocation. (For example: If student achievement is the reason for non-renewal, the board should complete on the sections of the renewal packet having to do with student achievement and do not need to complete sections referring to management of financial resources.)

What happens to a charter school after the charter agreement is terminated? -
This page provides next steps for closing the school, enrollment of students and asset and liability determinations.