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Guidelines Following the Non-Renewal or Revocation of a Charter School Agreement

Following review and public hearing of the local board of school directors of a school district, the charter school may appeal the decision of non-renewal or revocation of the charter to the state's Charter School Appeals Board.

The Appeal Board may consider the charter school plan, annual reports, student performance and employee and community support. Unless the health and/or safety of the students and/or staff are at serious risk, the original charter agreement shall remain in effect until the Charter School Appeal Board grants a final decision.

If the Appeal Board determines that the charter agreement should not be revoked, the appeal board will order the local school board to rescind the revocation.

If the Appeal Board determines that the charter agreement should be revoked, the charter school shall be dissolved. Any remaining assets of the charter school shall be distributed on a proportional basis to the school entities with students enrolled in the charter school for the last full or partial school year of the charter. Students attending the charter school shall apply to another school in the student's district of residence and normal application deadlines will be disregarded under these circumstances. All student records maintained by the charter school must be forwarded to the student's district of residence.