CIO's Office

From processing driver’s licenses, conducting elections, testing water samples and providing insurance to low-income children to making sure that up-to-the-minute criminal histories are available to state troopers in their cars, OA-Information Technology’s work is a strong — but often invisible — thread through the government services delivered to Pennsylvania’s citizens.

Strategic Plan

The IT Strategic Plan outlines the commonwealth's vision, mission, goals and objectives for information technology from 2013 through 2016.  OA-Information Technology’s strategic goals are to:

  • Optimize Infrastructure and Resources
  • Streamline Operations and Align Workforce
  • Utilize Enterprise Services Effectively
  • Promote a Culture of Innovation and Process Improvement
  • Create a Collaborative Governance Model and Communications Strategy

Authority & Scope

Under Executive Order 2011-5, OA-Information Technology has statewide oversight of:

  • IT governance and strategic planning 
  • IT program management and business process integration 
  • IT project management and delivery 
  • IT procurement and contract management 
  • IT human resource management 
  • IT enterprise standards 
  • IT consolidation and services 
  • Telecommunications governance  

Executive Staff

Tony Encinias, Deputy Secretary for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
Lanny Black, Chief Technology Officer
Erik Avakian, Chief Information Security Officer
Wendy Johnson
, Director, Bureau of Enterprise Services & Solutions
Rosa Lara, Director, Technology Investment Management Office
Dustin Rhoads, Executive Director, PA Justice Network (JNET)