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Pennsylvania Code Regulations

The official version of Pennsylvania's education regulations may be found at the PA Code, Title 22 website in both web page (HTML) and Adobe PDF formats.

Pennsylvania Public School Code

Additional Code and Regulations

Regulatory Agenda
Under Executive Order 1996-1, all agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction are required to compile and publish regulations under development or consideration.

Background Check - Act 114 and Act 24
Act 24 of 2011 (Act 24) contains a number of significant changes to the Pennsylvania Public School Code that are designed to enhance the safety of school children.

Basic Education Circulars
A Basic Education Circular (BEC) provides the Department of Education's guidance on the implementation of law, regulation and policy. This includes Purdon's Statutes, Federal Codes, PA Codes, US Codes.

Career & Technical Education
Chapter 339- Vocational Education Standards.

Catalogue of Non Regulatory Documents
Under Executive Order 1996-1, all agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction are required to compile and publish a listing of non regulatory documents.

Child Labor Law
The Pennsylvania Child Labor Law (CLL) was enacted to "provide for the health, safety, and welfare of minors by forbidding their employment or work in certain establishments and occupations, and under certain specified ages."

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Act 197 requires school entities (defined as school districts, charter schools, intermediate units, and area vocational technical schools) and public libraries to develop and submit to PDE a board-approved Acceptable Use Policy on Internet usage within the school entity or library if that school entity or public library does not have a federal CIPA-compliant AUP in place.

Private Licensed Schools (Post-secondary Career and Trade Schools)
The Private Licensed Schools Act, Act 174 of 1986, created the State Board of Licensed Schools with the authority to license and regulate private career and trade schools. The intent of the legislation is to protect student records, facilitate the investigation of complaints, provide for enforcement action, and facilitate the collection of statistical data on private licensed schools.

Specialized Associate Degree (ASB/AST)
The State Board of Education, on January 14, 1982, adopted new regulations for specialized associate degree programs. This specialized associate degree was designed to recognize the role of the two-year postsecondary programs in business and technical fields directed towards specialized occupational training often offered by proprietary institutions.