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Welcome to Commonwealth Media Services!

Our job is to provide quality, cost-effective, professional communications products and services to the Commonwealth, including the Governor’s Office, departments and commissions, state-funded organizations and recipients of state grants. We offer a wide variety of multi-media, video, audio, photographic, and press support services. We use the latest technology to help you get your message across to both internal and external audiences.

Whether your project is for informational, educational, training, tourism, historical, press or other general communications purposes, we help you maximize limited state resources and leverage private or federal funds to get your message out in the best way possible to the best possible audience. We are here to help you do your job. Call us at 717.787.9766 to discuss your needs.

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CMS Contact Us  
  • Jerry Kambic, Director

  •      jkambic@pa.gov
  • Jef Smith, Deputy Director

  •      jesmith@pa.gov
  • Bill Strockbine, Multimedia Services Supervisor

  •      bstrockbin@pa.gov
  • Carol Crago, Production Services Supervisor

  •      ccrago@pa.gov
  • Jack Neyhard, Broadcast / Photography Supervisor

  •      jneyhard@pa.gov
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    FAQ - CMS  
    Q:  How can I be considered for employment at CMS?
    A:  Please submit a resume for our review.
    Q:  Do I need to seek special financial approvals or must I solicit bids for CMS services?
    A:  It is based upon your funding source.
    Q:  Does CMS provide seminars or instruction on topics related to its industry?
    A:  Yes.
    Q:  How does CMS compare to outside agencies or companies who provide similar services?
    A:  CMS has earned an array of more than 30 awards.
    Q:  How much do CMS services cost?
    A:  For a cost estimate or price quote, please call.
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    Quick Link - CMS  
  • View CMS Demo Video - Windows Media High
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  • View CMS Demo Video - Real Player
  • New photographs "Keystone Images Catalog" (for Agencies only)