Marian Wright Edelman"When I fight about what is going on in the neighborhood, or when I fight about what is happening to other people's children, I'm doing that because I want to leave a community and a world that is better than the one I found." -Marian Wright Edelman

A community is more than its geographic boundaries.  It is more than than its leadership, even more than the homes or businesses that dot the streets. A community is its people, those who have come together and identify with one another whether due to circumstance, locality, or even race. Pennsylvania is filled with examples of communities that have worked together to make their mark in history. These communities are in common throughout our history because of its people, and as PHMC historian Eric Ledell Smith had said, "There is no 'Black history,' 'women’s history,' or 'Native American history.' There is only human history."

African Americans in Pennsylvania: This pamphlet provides a brief overview and timeline of the African American community in Pennsylvania.

Charles "Teenie" Harris recorded a community through his photography of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. He was a freelance and staff photographer from 1938 until his retirement in 1975 for the internationally renowned Pittsburgh Courier.

Community Survey Reports contain historic resource survey reports on the Black history of eight individual communities throughout Pennsylvania.

Religion contains a historical account of African Americans and religion in Pennsylvania.

Education focuses on the multifaceted history of African American education in Pennsylvania from the eighteenth through late twentieth century.