CJAB Facilitators Training Workshop

CJAB Facilitators Training Workshop - "Building CJAB Success"

May 8-9, 2013
Days Inn Penn State
State College, PA

The CJAB Facilitators Training Workshop was sponsored by:

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

A special thanks to Catharine Kilgore, Brendan Harker and Phil Damiani for their dedication and insightful assistance in putting together this event.

The workshop focused on Digital Dashboard deployment, grant writing and management, strategic planning, enhancement of CJAB communication and CJAB capacity building.

Workshop PowerPoint Presentations

Digital Dashboard
(PCCD, Penn State Data Center)

CJAB Capacity Building (Archer-Simons Consulting Group)

CJAB Workshop - Day Two (PCCD)

Workshop Samples and Materials

12 Strategies
(Archer-Simons Consulting Group)

Case Studies (Archer-Simons Consulting Group)

Grant Writing Resources (PCCD)

Sample CJAB Agenda (PCCD)

Sample CJAB Organizational Chart (PCCD)

Sample Development Plan Worksheet (PCCD)

Berks Case Flow - Clerk of Courts

Berks Case Flow - MDJ Criminal Complaint Process

CJAB Dashboard Manual May 2013