Homes Within Reach Conference November 11-13, 2013

Special Comp Form
For Those working with Justice Involved Population
Homes Within Reach Conference November 12, 2013
at The Hilton Harrisburg

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), in partnership with the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) and the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, are pleased to announce that we are once again, co-sponsoring the second day of the Annual Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Homes within Reach Conference.

We are offering a limited number of registrations, at no cost, for the special justice training workshops on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 only. Registration is available to the first 100 registrants.

For more information on the entire Homes within Reach Conference, please visit the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania's website at 
(To attend the second day, Tuesday, November 12, 2013, free, sponsored by PCCD, you must register through the online registration form provided below.)

Conference details:
When: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Where: Hilton Hotel, Downtown Harrisburg
Time: Registration begins at 7:00 a.m.

Deadline for On-line Registration: Thursday, October 31, 2013 (or until maximum capacity is reached).

Below, please find the schedule for all the special justice training workshops being offered on Tuesday, November 12th.

7:00 a.m.
Registration Opens

7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
Breakfast Buffett

8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast Plenary

Special Justice Training Workshops

10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
Collaborative Approaches to Re-Entry
This presentation will summarize the development of the reentry liaison as a HealthChoices supplemental service in Beaver County and describe collaboration among the reentry liaison, other types of case management, the justice system and the local housing authority. The presentation will highlight some of the challenges of working within the justice system and describe why the target population was expanded beyond solely individuals involved in the justice system to adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorder and are returning from or being diverted from a long-term out of home placement or are homeless.

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Luncheon Presentation
John Wetzel, Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections

1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Winning Over Landlords: Preparing Justice-Involved Folks to be Great Tenants
PREP is a proven curriculum to teach people how to succeed as tenants. Learn about this innovative and effective self-help training model that could be available to you.

3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Corralling Housing Resources for the Most Vulnerable Pennsylvanians
Local Housing Option Teams continue to focus on the need for affordable housing and are often the focus group for the homeless population. By thinking beyond the county agencies, homeless providers, and developers, inviting other members into your committee can open up opportunities to expand the services and recognize the needs to assist our homeless populations.

Meeting the Housing Needs of Parolees
Presentation of case studies concerning the need for, and the development of, transitional housing opportunities for former county and state inmates reentering the community. Discussion of the interaction between transitional housing providers, neighborhoods, government officials, and the commercial real estate industry.

4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
No Place Like Home: A Victims’ Rights to Housing
An interactive session on the current complex issues facing victims of crime and housing. We will discuss the existing laws protecting victims and the need for additional measures to ensure equal access to housing for victims of crime.

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Networking Reception

To Register for Justice Sessions Please use the registration form below.

If you need to make any changes to your registration or have questions about your registration, please contact Denise Barry at (717)265-8559

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